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We are a rapidly-growing structural engineering firm located in central Florida, and we know how important customer service is. We strive to remain flexible, to anticipate your every structural need,  and to work with you to make your project the best it can be.

We are providing structural engineering services to many of our top Florida residential and commercial Architects, Engineers, and Contractors all over the state. We also work directly with many homeowners with new projects, renovations, and restorations both small and large.

In these troubled times, there are a lot of houses out there changing hands due to foreclosures, short sales, and other hardships. Why call a home inspector who has merely passed some 6-week course? We have been called in several times to check out issues revealed by home inspectors, only to find nothing wrong--except for the major issue on the other side of the house that the inspector totally missed. We have seen inspection reports listing defective concrete slabs for houses on crawlspace foundations (ie, there IS no concrete slab! And there should not be!). There are a lot of people rushing into the inspection field right now, and a lot of them do not know what they are looking at. Save money by hiring a knowledgeable engineer for your inspection needs.

We are proud to announce another likely partnership: we have volunteered to work on the first wheelchair-accessible treehouse in Florida for the River City Nature Park in DeBary. We hope to be working with John Fletcher, Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of DeBary, and
Forever Young Treehouses, a not-for-profit organization in Vermont that started building structures like this all over the country in 1998.
Mr. Fletcher is in the process of chasing down funding. Checks payable to "Treehouse Project" can be sent to him at :
John Fletcher
City of DeBary
860 N. Highway 17-92
DeBary, FL 32713
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ACS Home Services Projects BuildIt! FTP Server Links Contact Us
One of our many consultations with Gries Engineering: a hoist installation at The Element construction project in Tampa.
One-Stop-Shopping! Whatever you need, we can make it happen for you. After so many years in the industry, certain companies that we have dealt with have impressed us with their high ethical and moral standards, and the fact that customer satisfaction is their number one priority. We have formed partnerships with a few of these companies so that we may provide more services to you with less hassle.
In addition to our own specialities of Structural Engineering, Design, and Drafting, we also have at our disposal:
  Interior Designers
  Geotechnical Engineers
  Civil Engineers
  General Contractors (Residential & Commercial,  with custom, storm-safe, and green-building specialities)
  Pool Contractors
  Solar Contractors
  Screen Contractors
  HVAC Designers & Contractors
  Landscape Architects
  Steel Fabricators
  and more! Even Mortgage Lenders and Realtors!

Though you are certainly welcome to shop around on your own and hire your own team of experts for your next construction project, why waste the time? Our team comes pre-assembled, and our number-one goal is to give you a great job at a fair price with no unpleasant surprises.
ACS Projects in the News
One of our projects from early this spring has been receiving a lot of attention lately. The non-profit RubeLab group in Eustis, whose mission is to assist in the development of technologies that can help solve local and global environmental problems and to serve as an economic catalyst for the community by encouraging the growth of a local, "green technology" industry.
RubeLab has donated this solar recharge station for plug-in electric vehicles to the city of Eustis.
Congressman Alan Grayson and Eustis mayor Scott Ales performed the ribbon cutting March 1, 2009 during RubeLab-on-the-Green, a festival of solar and other alternative energies.
Some sample coverage from Channel 6:
Video 1        Video 2
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